Monday, August 25, 2008

Reduction process..

I started my reduction process this week. 5 garbage bags full of stuff I do not need. and honestly after looking at it all, I need a LOT more garbage bags. It takes a ton of energy and positive thinking to get rid of your stuff. I'm not blindly throwing things away, but I am looking at each item and asking myself the following....

1. Have I touched this in the past 12 months?
2. does this have a HIGH value?
3. Is this a family heirloom?
4. Do I really need this?

If I do not get a yes then the item goes away. I am having trouble with deciding about my musical instruments, I have not touched my guitar for over 2 years, I really want to get back to it, but cant see when I will.

Also this shows how much stuff you really have. I mean WAY too much stuff.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to start living it....

Well changes happen and in the next 90 days I'll be living in 1/4 the space I currently have unexpectedly. Wife and I have to move and apartment land we are headed. I legally have to have a 2 bedroom for my daughter, but we are going gangbusters in reducing what we own... so we will be downsizing faster than we were planning to. My hardest part is where to put all my vehicle hobbies. Motorcycel can go with me, and can store in the winter, but my sportscar and it's higher power replacement engine project does not fit with an apartment. so I need to figure that one out. I am designing an "apartment" networking rack that will fit in with the furniture to house the Crestron gear and networking stuff.

More to come....

Friday, August 8, 2008

A great site/blog for un-cluttering.

Unclutterer is a new blog/rss feed that I discovered that has some very useful tips for cutting down on "stuff" and clutter. nothing specific for smaller living but the tips are very useful.

Just wanted to share....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Smaller Vehicles...

Smaller living means giving up your escalade XLT that has been stretched. If you really need a SUV I found that the Subaru and Suzuki has offering that fit in a tiny garage or are smaller and overall very comfortable. But there are other options. If you live where it's warmer, a motorcycle is a better option. A bike takes very little space, you can fit 3 of them in a 1 car garage and they cost less to run, own and maintain.

I can carry all our family groceries home on my Motorcycle, go to work with my laptop and other gear and tools and easily go off on a weekend trip with the wife. We save money and space.