Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Knowlege: Solar and Energy efficiency.

Lately the news and "experts" have been touting how to save money with solar heating and insulation and other "innovative" techniques and devices. How great of them to invent things that are saving our money and energy..... Or are they?

I just got my hands on a book from 1981. "solarizing your present home" by Joe Carter. This coupled with my brothers 1972 book on residential home engineering have angered me with the current experts and every home builder and architect that has designed or built a home since the mid 70's.

Every breakthrough they toute today have been known about and in use for over 30 years now. This book talks about things that should be standard in home designs. When was the last time you saw a home with the correct eaves for the climate to reduce solar gain in the summer but enhance it in the winter? how about being built for the site and energy efficency?

Most homes are not designed right. your Architect and builder is doing you a disservice by not talking about efficency and showing you what your home could do if designed right instead of incorrectly to look like the next door neighbors.

I am starting to explore a few options to go along with smaller living that will further enhance ecological living that will not only make it incredibly cheap to live, but the side effect of reducing your carbon footprint as well. Homes can easily be designed this way. It's just that the architects have not been doing their job as experts in home design. They let the uneducated whims of their clients dictate design.

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