Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smaller Storage.

In search of better storage in the bedroom My wife and I started brainstorming in the Ikea catalog. WE found that with a little bit of work and expense we can build a storage bed for far cheaper than one could be bought. We also discovered that the tall wardrobes give us far more storage in the bedroom than standard dressers would. 2 of the nearly 8 foot tall wardrobes and a little ingenuity gives us nearly 3X the storage a pair of standard dressers will in the bedroom... This is a HUGE benefit in a much smaller bedroom. We are used to having a 15X25 bedroom with closet. Moving to a far smaller 10X15 bedroom presents storage issues. Without a dresser to set a TV on, you can bolt a articulating arm to the side of the wardrobe and mount the TV to that which allows it to be off the ground and can easily be moved out of the way a smallish 27"-32" LCD mounted high on the wardrobe this way would be very comfortable to watch.

Another benefit of making your own storage bed is you can do things differently... as seen in the image above, these clever people did the same thing I am talking about. at ikea hacker this bedroom adds a lot more storage to the bedroom with a small increase in height and no special woodworking abilities. They simply combined 2 bed frames and 2 shelving units.

In a smaller space it's VERY important for everything to do double or even triple duty. your bed and everything in your bedroom should store things or use all the space you have to the maximum it can.

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