Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apartments with garages....

One thing I have really noticed that is hard to find, Apartments with locked inside garage space. I have a sports car and a motorcycle and would prefer to not drive 15 minutes to a storage facility to ride the bike or take the sports car out for a spin. I want a garage near my apartment. With so many people looking to downsize and apartments delivering not only a downsizing but also removing any home maintenance time vampires, why are there not more apartments with garages available? Granted I can buy one of the condo/homes but then I have to mow a lawn again and do other house chores that my career simply leaves little time for. Plus why pay someone to mow a lawn when I dont care about even having a lawn? I actually prefer to not have one.

I know garages typically end up full of clutter and junk, but there are more and more people out there that not only have a toy or two that needs to be locked up, but may own a car they want to last longer and keep it parked out of the weather.

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