Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Entertainment in your pocket.... iPad is more than a fad.

Choosing to live in a tiny home, or just to downsize means looking at things differently. Letting go of owning "stuff" is important. But sometimes a item comes along that makes smaller living easier. From my week of iPad exposure, this device does just that. I bought a 1st gen 32 gig wifi only iPad simply because of cost. I was able to buy one used for less than $300.00. And within that short time it has already helped me declutter a lot. I have large bookshelves full of books, After looking online I was able to get 25% of those books onto my ipad for free by grabbing them from project gutenberg. Downloading a free app called "Stanza" it allows me to to get thousands of books that are public domain or even flat out free. I also can read kindle books, Barnes and noble books, and Borders books by downloading the apps for those ebook sources. Add to that Netflix so I can watch movies in a comfortable size on demand as well as Hulu Plus for TV shows on demand, pandora radio, etc... IT suddenly becomes a single device in my home that replaces a lot of stuff. I am able to post to my blogs from it easily, facebook ,twitter, and everything else. I rarely pull out the laptop anymore for basic online browsing or social media.

I suggest you find someone that has an iPad and try it out. spend some time looking at what it does. I find that it reduces my need for things drastically. IT condenses them down into one device. Very minimalist.

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