Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting closer to small living - The start of a project

I have decided that this year is when I start building my "tiny home"  we are going to use it mostly as a deluxe camper, but it will be my experiment and my first build.   I am basing it on the design of the Tumbleweed homes  first design but with changes taken from the camper world to make it lighter and add more infrastructure.  Like adding Low voltage wiring for 12V lighting and  a solar panel setup, plus a 110V wiring with a inverter for making the Ac power when needed.   I am thinking of the possibility of installing an RV toilet and grey water tank so that a shower and real toilet is possible.

I need to aim to save 800 to 1000 pounds on the tumbleweed design of 4800 pounds.   I want to be able to tow it with a v6 jeep or other smaller and far more affordable vehicle instead of a monstrous v8 9mpg super duty truck.  It will be built for year round, so it will have a propane furnace and a very tiny AC unit.  But design for lots of cross ventilation so that AC is not needed unless it is 110 degrees out.

I also aim to add in "fancy things"  like a whole house audio system,  built in AV gear like a "home theater" in the main location and a bedroom TV.  house network with server and internet live webcams to share our fun with friends.

Design phase is in progress.  And unlike everyone else out there doing this. All of my documentation and plans will be available 100% free under a creative commons license.  But a heavy disclaimer that you will kill people and lose billions of dollars if you do what I am doing.  Everything is for Entertainment purposes only.

Right here is where it will be documented...  It will take from 2-3 years as I don't have a lot of money to dump into the project unlike the people that have a few grand sitting around.

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