Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Links : Shipping container homes.

Here are a few links to some very cool shipping container homes.   Shipping containers reduce a lot of work you need to do to build your home, but it's certainly not a "micro home" that can be moved.   the 20' long units are closer to micro, but most are 40' and more than one stacked or assembled.    It is an interesting idea on how to recycle these boxes.

Reality though is that getting one of these shipping container to your lot is very expensive.  they will cost you upwards of $10,000-$15,000 per box to buy it and get it shipped to your building location and set on it's foundation.  A lot of people are claiming far lower prices,   but they are not including the price of delivery and the crane to lift it off the truck and set it in place.  I have seen people build a standard home the same size for the same price as just buying the shipping container and having it delivered.


Kuromu said...

That is what we are encountering in our research for our Paradise property. The containers are inexpensive, but paying a truck to bring it out and hiring a crane and operator to put it into place costs more than what we can get a container for. Still less than $10k per unit, but more than we went into it expecting. And given that my ideal plan has three 40' and one 20', it adds up. It would still be cheaper than a traditional build, though.

Tim Gray said...

When you had mentioned that I started digging and found others reporting the close to the same and even higher costs. It really depends on your location and the ability to contract the delivery and set up of the containers from someone willing to do it cheaper. It has potential, but as you discovered, it is not the super cheap option that everyone online seems to be touting it as.