Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Technology for smaller living..

I have been living with a ebook reader for some time now and I love it. No not a Kindle or ipad, but a off brand from Bed Bath and Beyond. It cost $149.00 and will read pdf and epub files. It allows me to reduce the metric ton of physical books in the house to only those I really love, or on my new to read list. I can keep my technical and other books on the e-reader. If magazines were automatic to the reader I would probably subscribe to more of them.

I also was reminded on how to have a Home theater in the home that hides when not in use. TV lifts here here and for the Do it yourselfer... here Offer a unique way to have a huge 42" plasma or LCD in your tiny home and make it hide away when not in use. This also opens up more options for placement as well. The TV can now block a window. Plus options for media centers running XBMC are also getting smaller if you want a dedicated TV server, or adding a video splitter to your PC so you can send the video to the TV if you want to go ultimate minimal.

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