Monday, January 3, 2011

Living smaller in 2011....

Steps to help with smaller living in 2011.... You dont need to own a tiny place to start on a smaller living life.

Step 1 - Declutter. There is a lot of things you own that you really do not need. Get rid of them via selling, donating, or simply recycling it. That old PC from 3 years ago is worthless. Donate it or recycle it. If you are worried about privacy, keep the hard drive or use a tool from here to wipe the drive first. yes a simple single wipe is good enough unless you have data to hide from the Military. Get rid of the things you do not use. if you have not touched it for 366 days, that's a good indication you do not use that item at all.

Step 2 - Change your thinking. Do you really need that? what are you going to get rid of when you buy that? Changing how you think helps a lot. IF you buy a new Frying Pan, you will be getting rid of your old one right?

Step 3 - Prioritize your life. What do you want? no really what is most important to you? You will never afford that new BMW 2 Sports car if you keep buying junk. Save money, reduce hobbies to only the ones you really enjoy. de-clutter your life to save time, money and stress.. Yes this means friends as well, many of us have that one friend that actually is a drain on us. Time to fix what is wrong there. Stand up for yourself. Be proud of you, Be happy with you.

Step 4 - go back to step 1.

These are basics, but they are needed every day. You cant survive in a 150sq foot tumbleweed home if you dont love yourself and who you are. There simply is not enough room in a small house to get away from yourself if you hate yourself... Some people cant get away from themselves in a 10,000 sq foot home.

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